Quick Tips: El Grito

Earlier this year, El Grito moved from its Merchant’s Arch location in Temple Bar over to Mountjoy Square. While my first instinct was to mourn this loss of my favorite late night drunk food spot, once I started thinking about eating those delicious tacos while sitting down in a comfortable environment (not standing in the rain or trying to sit while also not touching anything in Temple Bar square) I realized that this could actually be pretty great. Here’s what you need to know:

You order tacos individually

While ordering a single taco may have always been an option, there is now no standard order of tacos (which used to be an order of 5). The cool thing is, this means there is no incentive to not order a few different kinds, and that’s a great thing since they’ve added some exciting new fillings including Chicharron, Crispy Fish, and Hibiscus (yes, like the flower).

crispy fried fish tacos
Crispy Fish Tacos

Improved photo ops

No more squeezing in at the counter seats to try and capture the tacos while also praying for good lighting, juggling your phone in one hand and your box of tacos in the other in Temple Bar while masses of tourists surge past. I’m one of those people who compulsively takes pictures of everything I eat, but who also wants to eat the food while it’s still at peak hotness, which is a constant struggle. Not to mention when you’re sharing tacos, and your other half is waiting for you to get the shot before letting them dig in. I don’t want to be that person, so having a table on which to rest my tacos is a huge win.

There are lots of new menu items

It’ll be a cold day in hell before I don’t order tacos, but there are lots of additions to the menu that almost made me rethink that stance. Choriqueso (exactly what it sounds like), Potatoes (served with tortillas and your choice of filling), and one of my most favorite things in the world, Chilaquiles (tortilla chips simmered in red salsa, topped with fried eggs — only served till 1:30pm).

They only serve beer and wine

…but in ways you may have never seen before. And may never want to see again. I’m talking about the red wine and boost. And the desperados. The good news is that they serve up your drinks in a big ol’ mug (so festive!). I went for the least adventurous mixed beer drink, the Chelada: Corona, Lime, Salt.

Chelada, Salted rim, cucumber slice, beer and lime juice

Service is fast casual

When you arrive at the restaurant, you’ll be seated and given a menu. When you’re ready to order, just go up to the counter, order, and pay. Food is then delivered at your table. It’s quick and efficient. No waiting for the server to come around and take your order, or bring the bill, the credit card machine or change.

The atmosphere is lively and comfortable

Miles away from trying to nosh on tacos in Temple Bar square, there’s ample seating, rustic stone walls, and a telanovela on the tv. This is it man, this is the life. Place your tacos and beer on the table, because there are tables, and the new El Grito is pretty great.

The location is less central

But of course, whether this is more or less convenient to you depends entirely on where you’re located. I got off the bus at the CHQ and picked up a couple of roadies in Mitchell & Son to keep me occupied through the 20 minute journey on foot.

After tacos, if you’re up for a little pub crawling I recommend starting at The Big Romance on Parnell Street, just a 7 minute walk away, spinning vinyl and serving up craft beer.

Their hours have changed

Maybe as a result of being out of the heavily trafficked Temple Bar area, El Grito is no longer open till 3 on the weekend, and instead closes at midnight Thursday to Saturday, and 10pm the rest of the week.

This was a bold move

Practically since opening, El Grito has been lauded as the best Mexican food in Dublin. Still, it was easy to appreciate when it was right at our fingertips for drunk food, a quick snack before dinner, a cheeky few tacos after work, etc. They went from being at the heart of tourist Dublin to a spot where, if I’m being honest, I’d never actually been. Is it worth the trek? 100%, and judging by the 100+ Google reviews (almost all 5 stars) that they’ve garnered in the past month or so at the new location, the fans are onboard.

Have you been to El Grito? Have another fave taco spot in Dublin? Let us know in the comments!

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