Dublin Spots for Early Breakfast 7 Days a Week

Brunch is cool but have you ever tried staying up all night and then going to breakfast with your best pals and piecing together the events of the previous evening? You know, when everyone’s recollection is slightly different and you’re also in desperate need of hash browns? Or maybe you pulled an all-nighter chugging Monster energy drinks and studying? Flew through the night and need some non airplane food? Got in a fight with your significant other and spent the whole night unsuccessfully trying to fall asleep in the bathtub? Left the pub but then couldn’t figure out how cabs worked and wandered around the streets of Dublin until the sun came up? You don’t completely hate yourself but you’re maybe just full of self loathing at the moment. This feeling of half waking melancholy is familiar one for me, and while there is no cure, it can be tempered. You need food, but no smoothie bowls or steel cut oats, and not too much direct eye contact. Brunch is generally out of the question because it just starts so late and is too much of an event (or maybe you just hate brunch) but you still want to eat something that tastes nice in a comfortable environment. If you were in America obviously you would go to Waffle House (or Denny’s/IHOP if you’re feeling bougie), but in researching for this post, I found that my initial hypothesis was true: Dublin does not generally cater to early breakfasts. I guess the idea is that people aren’t up early on Saturday and Sunday morning, so there are a lot of great weekday breakfast spots that didn’t make the cut, exclusively because they operate brunch hours on the weekend which simply won’t do if you want to stuff your face before heading off to bed for the rest of the day. If you find yourself at this juncture, the 7 day breakfast joints that we managed to rustle up can be divided into two categories: no nonsense classics (e.g. Full Irish, Eggs Benedict, Pancakes) and lighter, less traditional breakfasts (could literally be anything but should involve eggs).

No Nonsense

Fry ups, Full Irish, Eggs Benedict, and Pancakes occupy this space. Carbs, eggs, a bit of grease. If your crew is picky about food, these are safe bets for traditional Irish breakfasts. Visiting Ireland? A “Full Irish” typically consists of bacon, sausage, black pudding, white pudding, eggs, and may come with tomatoes, beans, mushrooms, hash browns, and toast.


Suffolk Street Open from 8am every morning | Menu In addition to being a popular tourist pub equipped with a traditional carvery station, O’Neills also serves up breakfast 7 days a week. Think comfort food classics like Ham & Eggs (Large Slice of Home-Cooked Collar of Bacon grilled with Maple Syrup topped with two Tolka Farm Free-Range Eggs & served with Potato Rosti & fresh Fruit) and Corned Beef Hash (Sautéed Home-Cooked Corned Beef, Crushed Potatos Red Onions topped with 2 Tolka Farm Free-Range Fried Eggs and a side of Bachelor’s Baked Beans), and of course a traditional full Irish breakfast. Crucially, the majority of their breakfasts incorporate some kind of breakfast potato (rosti, home fries, potato cakes) which is a classic breakfast accompaniment that is left out all too often in Ireland. Avocado toast? No


Taste Food Co., Outdoor Patio South William Street Open from 7am every morning | Menu In spite of its location on trendy South William Street, Taste does not play around with breakfast. They’re serving up an array of indulgent, no-fuss, breakfasts like French Toast with Bacon, Eggs Benedict, and Croque Madame. Bonus: sides include Roasted Sweet Potato and Sauteed Potatoes. Avocado toast? Yes, served with poached eggs on a muffin with guacamole & pico de gallo.

Matt the Rashers

Sundrive Road, Kimmage Open from 7am Monday to Saturday, from 9am Sundays This place is all about the full Irish and Matt’s Famous Irish Breakfast comes fully loaded, even including a portion of lamb’s liver! Avocado toast? No

Eddie Rocket’s

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Dame Street | Open 24 Hours Friday to Sunday, from 11:30am Monday to Thursday | Menu O’Connell Street | Open from 9:30am Monday to Wednesday, from 9am Thursday to Sunday Sometimes after a long night, sitting in a standalone chair is a tall order. This is where the diner style booths at Eddie Rocket’s come into play and save the day. Tots are on the menu, as well as the usual suspects: Short Stack of Pancakes, French Toast, and the Rocket Power Breakfast (which is basically a full Irish). Avocado toast? No


O’Connell Street Open from 9am every morning | Menu This low key spot near the Spire really confusingly does not specialize in wings (although they do offer them on their lunch/dinner menus), but they do meet our breakfast requirements with options like Fried Egg on Toast (Free Range Egg, Grilled Tomato, and Brown Sauce) and Buttermilk Pancakes. Avocado toast? Yes, on brown soda bread, with poached egg, mixed leaves, and seasoning.


Parnell Street Open from 8am every morning | Menu They’re kind of famous for their breakfast, and naturally they have staples like The Full Irish and a Breakfast Omelette (3 egg omelette with bacon, sausage, tomato, Ballymaloe tomato relish and homemade brown soda bread), as well as Fiery hot chicken wings, surprisingly enough! Avocado toast? Yes, with Scrambled Eggs and granary brown toast


Phibsborough Road Open from 7:30am every morning | Menu More of the usual suspects like the Woodstock Irish and Eggs Benedict, plus some decadent twists like Buttermilk Pancakes with chocolate and toasted hazelnuts. Avocado toast? Yes, with poached eggs, avocado, coriander, lime and chilli.

The Pantry Restaurant

Talbot Street Open from 7:30 am every morning | Menu Offering just the basics (Regular Breakfast, Large Breakfast, or lighter options like Bean on Toast), but what more do you need, really? Avocado toast? No

Third Space Smithfield

Smithfield Markets Open from 7am Monday to Friday, from 9am Saturday and Sunday | Menu Along with the Full Irish, they have a Breakfast Roll (Bacon, sausage, Free range egg on a crispy brioche bun) and Eggs and Toast on offer. Avocado toast? No


Dame Street | Open 24 Hours Okay, just hold up a second before you start with the objections. I walk by this Spar every day on my way to work and there are always people chilling in the comfy seating area. They have a well equipped deli and hot food counter, and they won Store of the Year at the Retail Excellence Awards last year. And their hash browns are good! Avocado toast? No, I mean, it’s a Spar so you might find an avocado though idk

Less Traditional

These breakfasts incorporate more varied vegetables than the Full Irish’s tomatoes and mushrooms, and many feature Middle Eastern or Mediterranean flavours. Although it may seem to go against what I’m preaching here, that fresh kick that comes from vegetables and spices can give you the boost you need when you’re feeling run down, without veering too far into the health food thing. I particularly like these options if you’re heading off a transatlantic flight and want to feel human again while you pass the time until you can check into your accommodation.

A SLICE of Cake Cafe

Manor Place Open from 8am Monday to Friday, from 9am Saturday and Sunday | Menu Choose a dish like Baked Eggs, Beans on Toast, or a Sausage Scramble, then add-in things like avocado, bacon, or smoked mackerel (each at around 1.50 extra). They do have a separate brunch menu on the weekend, but it’s still heavily focused around eggs so we’ll allow it. If you’re feeling really good about yourself after opting for a Brunch Breakfast Salad (Roast Tomatoes, Shallots, Red Peppers, Merguez Sausage, Black & Smoked White Pudding, Garlic and Herb Sourdough Croutons and a Poached Egg), you can finish off your breakfast with a slice of cake (because what could be better than breakfast dessert?). Avocado toast? Yes, on Saturdays and Sundays with bacon and pomegranate (and an option to add a poached egg for 1.50), but avocado is featured elsewhere on the weekday menu


Grand Canal Street and Sussex Terrace Open from 7:30am Monday to Friday, from 9am Saturday and Sunday | Menu Famous for their coffee and also boasting outstanding credentials in sustainability, their breakfast and brunch menus are likewise carefully sourced, and though the options are limited, they might be just what you’ve been looking for. On the breakfast menu, the Scrambled Eggs feature braised leek and kale, garlic oil, parmesan, sourdough toast. Avocado toast? Yes, on Saturday and Sundays with roast garlic and paprika yogurt, spinach, fried egg, sweet and salty seeds, on sourdough toast; they also have avocado as an Add-on on their weekday menu.

Two Boys Brew

N Circular Road Open from 7:30 Monday to Friday, from 9am Saturday and Sunday | Menu Seriously delectable breakfasts like Corn Bread & Eggs (homemade charred corn bread, free range soft poached eggs, pan-fried greens, spicy jalapeno jam, pickled chilli, garlic yogurt, crunchy pepitas) plus an emphasis quality, local ingredients make this a great pick for a restorative breakfast. Avocado toast? Yes with free range soft poached eggs, beetroot hummus, crumbled feta, watercress, toasted seeds, and fresh lime on sourdough.

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Saint Kevin’s Open from 8am Monday to Friday, from 9am Saturday and Sunday | Menu Also focused on locally sourced ingredients, they have a small, carefully curated menu that changes often. Options like Eggs & Greens (McNally kales, garlic yoghurt, paprika oil, curly parsley, two poached eggs, rustic loaf) and McNally Hash (McNally potato and beet, a poached egg, beet sour cream, greens and Toonsbridge halloumi) are sure to sort you out. Avocado toast? No

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