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Blue Bar in Skerries is like the definition of “grand” to me, so much so that it wouldn’t generally warrant a review. The thing is, while Yelp and Tripadvisor both back me up here (3.5 stars out of 5), the common dialog about this place is that their wings are great (although sometimes their service lets them down). Their wings have even been called the best in Dublin, by some blog which is why I even went there in the first place, but the truth is, the wings aren’t great and if you think that they are, you are fundamentally misunderstanding what makes a good wing. More specifically, you are likely mistaking size for quality, when in fact, the size of each wing is in direct opposition to its deliciousness as a wing.

What makes a good wing?

Smaller wings = a better ratio of surface area to meat. This means more crispy skin and a higher sauce to meat ratio. This is important because chicken meat can be kind of boring on its own and why are you even eating wings if not for the crispy fried skin and saucy sauce? This is exactly where Blue Bar goes wrong. Too much meat! Their portions are huge as well but we honestly got so bored eating them that we didn’t even finish a large sharing portion between the two of us. I should make it clear that we are comfortable eating past the point of discomfort if it’s still fun but it just became drudgery to be honest.

Sauce is also a key component but I’m pretty happy with any buffalo sauce, even straight from the bottle, so this really wasn’t an issue. It all comes down to the wings themselves and I just can’t get behind wings that eat more like legs.

Best Wings in Dublin

My #1 pick for wings is the famous Elephant & Castle

The individual wings are small but unbelievably crispy and the portions themselves are quite large. It’s definitely worth the wait (and the venture into the treacherous touristy Temple Bar).

Want to make your own?

For a definitive guide and a rigorously tested recipe, I could try to reinvent the wheel but Serious Eats has already done the work. Check out The Food Lab: For The Best Buffalo Wings, Fry, Fry Again

Do you love Blue Bar wings? Strongly disagree? Help me understand what the big deal is in the comments!

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