Guide to Dublin Beer Bars

Not sure which craft beer bar has the vibe you’re looking for? This guide takes out the guesswork, leaving you with just the deciding factors like dimness, noise level, and whether or not they serve wings at lunch. Rest assured, you are guaranteed an extensive beer selection at each of these bars.

Galway Bay Brewery

Multiple Locations



With 7 bars in the Dublin area and 4 more in other parts of the country, Galway Bay Brewery holds a huge stake in the craft beer scene in Dublin and for good reason: they run excellent bars with delicious beer. With many of their own brews on draft as well, including limited runs, it’s hard to beat with their only real drawback being that they don’t serve wings at lunch. Each location offers a different vibe (although none serve wings at lunch), and along with their classics (Full Sail, Buried at Sea, Of Foam and Fury, etc.) they have new brews appearing constantly. Recommended: Ask what’s new or limited and try it before it’s gone! 

You should know

GBB bars do not serve standard mass market beers (i.e. Heineken, Coors, and even Guinness) but they will suggest a beer of their own as a substitute.

J.W. Sweetman

Burgh Quay

Sweetman’s is the only bar in Dublin with the unique selling point of brewing their beer onsite and with their prominent location on the quays, no trip over the Liffey is really complete without dropping in for a quick pint. Bonus: Great spot to watch the city pass you by (Read more: Best Pubs for People Watching)

P. Mac’s

Stephen St Lower


Likely the hippest beer bar in Dublin, P. Mac’s is perpetually busy at peak times, but quiet enough during the day. If you happen to be there on a Friday night, you’re better off knowing exactly what you want as the dim lighting, crowds, and corresponding noise level can make it difficult to talk shop with the bartenders. They do have a beer list posted above the bar.


Multiple Locations


With an extensive bar and several handy locations, Porterhouse has something for everyone (non-beer drinkers included). Recommended: Their menu includes a selection of 750ml bottles for sharing, a fantastic option if you and the gang are having decision fatigue


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