Late Late Night Eats in Dublin

Is it true that eating large amounts of food before you head home from a night out takes the edge off the hangover? Better safe than sorry in my opinion. Here are some handpicked late night bites that will taste good even if you’re sober. These places are open till 3am or later on the weekend. 


Locations on Parliament St and Camden St

Amazing kebabs and fresh pita

You can’t go wrong with the Lamb Donner but be warned, the portions are huge. A regular size is enough for two people (although I don’t blame you for wanting your own)

Order the counter, ample seating

Open till 5am Friday and Saturday and 4am Sunday to Thursday


Fowne’s St Upper

New York Style pizza by the slice

Try the Irish Breakfast (Bacon, Sausage, Black Pudding) or stick with a Classic Pepperoni – don’t forget to drown it in crushed red pepper, you deserve it

Order at the counter, some seating

Open till 4:30am Wednesday to Saturday (1am Sunday; 10pm Monday and Tuesday)


Parliament St

New York Style pizza by the slice

I’ve never been in here sober enough to know what pizza I’m getting but I recommend just pointing at any pizza to order and it was be guaranteed delicious.

Order at the counter, limited seating

Open till 3am every day


Wexford St*

Diner style burgers

Order at the counter, plenty of seating

Note: standard is a double so order the Mini size if you’re looking for something lighter (or want to leave room for fries). My go-to order: Mini Cheeseburger with grilled onions and grilled mushrooms with a side of Garlic Butter Fries

Open till 4am Monday to Saturday (11pm Sunday) *hours apply to the Wexford St location only 

El Grito

Merchant’s Arch (Temple Bar)

Arguably the best Mexican food in Dublin.

Fun fact: “El Grito” means “The Scream” in Spanish, like that home alone face emoji that inspired the painting

Try the Tacos al Pastor — it’s like a pork kebab taco originating from Lebanese immigrants in Mexico; Bonus: For an immersive experience, go home and watch the taco episode of Ugly Delicious (S1E2) (although unless you live within 500m of this place, your tacos will probably be long gone by then).

Order at the counter, limited seating

Open till 4am Friday and Saturday (12am Thursday and Sunday; 9pm Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday)

Bittersweetly, El Grito has moved to a new location at Mountjoy Square and is no longer open past midnight. On the bright side, not only do they now have much more seating, they also have an expanded menu and serve beer.

Have a go-to, leaving the club, drunk food place that’s not on the list? Please share in the comments 🙏


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